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Basehor will be BOOMING WITH PRIDE on Saturday, July 4th, 2015! If you are a business or community organization interested in having a float in the parade, line up begins at Holy Angels parking lot at 7 p.m. The parade will begin at 7:30, with fireworks taking place around 9:15 p.m.

Businesses or individuals interested in contributing to the fireworks fund should call Chuck Wilderson at 724.1057.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 1.22.02 PM               City of Basehor EMS Update

Over the past three years Basehor has continued to be the fastest growing community in Leavenworth County. In 2014, Basehor issued over 100 single family building permits and we are on pace to issue another 100 building permits again this year, including the potential for a 48 unit assisted living facility scheduled to open next year. Unfortunately, with this growth we have seen an increasing need for Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

Leavenworth County is responsible for providing EMS services to our area. They currently have four EMS units in service to cover all of Leavenworth County, which includes Basehor. They have two units located at their headquarters in Lansing, one unit in the City of Leavenworth and one unit in Tonganoxie. Since 2008 the call volume for EMS services in Leavenworth County has increased by 20%. Leavenworth County EMS responds to 27 calls per day on an average.

In 2014 the City of Basehor had 230 medical calls requiring EMS services. Of those calls, 138 required the patient to be transported. The response time for EMS to arrive for 79% of those calls ranged from 6 minutes to well over 15 minutes. The City does not feel those response times for an emergency is acceptable.

Basehor’s city staff and members of the Governing Body have met with the County Manager (Patrick Hurley), County Commissioners (Dennis Bixby, Robert Holland, Clyde Graber) and EMS director (Jamie Miller) to make it known that our City feels there is an immediate need for an EMS unit in Basehor.

The county advised us that there is an EMS unit available from their current inventory and we have met with the Fairmount Fire Department which has agreed to house the EMS unit in Basehor. The last obstacle that needs to be resolved is the funding for staffing the EMS unit.   We have been advised the that the EMS director has submitted his proposed budget to the County Manager, which includes the request for staffing an additional EMS unit to be located in the City of Basehor.

The county is currently holding their budget meetings and we are asking for citizens that support an EMS unit being located in Basehor to send an e-mail to the County Manager and the County Commissioners stating your support and encouraging the commission to vote in favor of placing an EMS unit in Basehor.

The City feels very strongly about this issue and feels that the support from our citizens will help convince the County Commission to approve the funding for an EMS unit, along with staffing, to be located in Basehor.

We need your support.

Thank you,

David K. Breuer
Mayor, City of Basehor

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